Trump struggles with Marine’s hat on windy helicopter pad (VIDEO)

Published time: 9 Jul, 2017 09:08

US President Donald Trump is going viral on social media again – but this time it’s not for one of his infamous Twitter outbursts. Instead, it’s for picking up a Marine’s hat that was blown away by the wind.

Blustery conditions at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland blew the hat off the serviceman’s head as he stood guard by Marine One, the presidential helicopter, as Trump was preparing to board.

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Trump applauded the Marine for remaining still and standing at attention. He then bent down and picked up the errant cap, popping it back on the young man’s head.

[embedded content]

However, another gust of wind whipped it right off again and the president went to retrieve it a second time, but another armed forces member stepped in and smilingly retrieved the hat.

The commander in chief then patted the still-silent Marine on the arm and boarded the chopper. The young service member remained impressively stoic throughout the entire episode, without breaking protocol for a moment.

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Trump had just returned to the US after attending the G20 summit of world leaders in Hamburg, Germany.

The cap incident sparked a flood of reaction online, with many Trump supporters citing it as an example of his respect for the military, while critics said it was simply the one good thing Trump has done as president.

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